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       Step 1: Prepare for your hike

       First, a hike entails walking. Sometimes strenuously, other times casual. Make sure that walking for longer periods of time works for you. Commence with a treadmill until you feel comfortable with a saucy walk in the park, and then finally, graduate onto the track. Do this repeatedly until you feel your strength is adequate to withstand the duration of your desired hike.



       Step 2: Dress appropriately

       Next, forget your exceptional fashion sense and make yourself comfortable for the adventure. Simple jeans and a t-shirt will be sufficient. If the weather is scorching, consider shorts.



       Step 3: Wear appropriate footwear

       The most important aspect of your attire is the footwear. Tennis shoes, hiking boots, or even specialized sandals (for the audacious type) can be worn but make sure they are not brand new and that your feet are akin to them – or the results may be unfavorable.



       Step 4: Know your route

       Next let's consider our two biggest predators we will encounter – the sun, and the ever alarming mosquitoes. Simply applying spf 30 or higher sunscreen and bug repellent will be sufficient to rid yourself of these pests.




       I learned to laugh inside my tear,

       I learned to be human in my most wretched years...

       I learned to feel when I wasn't being touched,

       I learned to give when I didn't have much.

       I learned to be warm when I was cold...

       Living real humbly,I learned to be bold.

       I learned to live when I thought it better to die...

       I learned to laugh when all I could do was cry.

       I learned from below what it's like up above...

       While I was hated,I learned how to love.

       It was on the move that I learned how to rest,

       While at my worst ,I learned my best.

       It is when I was lost that I learned that I am.

       I learned to be rich when I had o money...

       These things seem so serious,but hey...

       Isn't life funny!?


















       How much of the remittance do you want to convert into Japanese yen?


       What kind of currency do you want?


       What's it you wish to change?


       What kind of currency do you want to change?


       In what denominations?


       Please tell me what note you want.


       Will seven tens be all right?


       Is it in traveler's cheques?


       I'd like to know how I shall give it to you.


       How would you like it?


       Would you kindly sign the exchange form, giving your name and address?



       How can you stay in shape on the road when you won’t have regular access to a gym, bicycle, pool, even a jogging trail? Here are 5 tips for keeping fit on the road.



       1. Run

       Although there may not be a trail, there’s always some place to run if you know where to look. Large lakes are your best bet for a paved, level path, but feel free to speed through the countryside at 5 mpm (minutes per mile, you rookies) and startle those just leaving the house.

       A useful website (better than Google maps, I think) can help you chart as-the-crow-flies distances across the globe: Gmaps Pedometer.

       Incidentally, if you don’t have room to pack a pair of running shoes and live near open fields, barefoot running is better for your bones and form. Just watch out for sharp objects.

       1. 跑步


       Gmaps Pedometer是一个很有用的网站(我认为比谷歌好),它能帮助你记录穿过地球的直线距离。


       2. Play Ultimate Frisbee

       For some reason, ultimate clubs seem to be a global standard for expats. Naturally, there are other choices available to you, but none quite as widespread (probably because it’s a simple team sport requiring the least massive equipment).

       Reach out to your local expat community to inquire about meeting times.




       3. Find Fitness Centers

       Gyms can be expensive no matter where you are, and chances are you don’t want to be tied to a six-or twelve-month membership.

       See if your area has a YMCA. If you’re in a small town, try to negotiate a decent per diem rate; better yet, make friends with the owner.

       Otherwise, it’s a better idea to save your money and effort: instead of bench presses, have someone sit on your back while you do pushups; bring a small hand weight with you for arm workouts; take advantage of your environment by rock climbing, kayaking, or doing martial arts…you get the idea.





       4. Sample Local Flavor

       Cubicle life might be stable and comfortable, but now that you’ve chosen to travel, to break the mold, so should it be with how you decide to keep fit every day. Open your body to new possibilities.

       Tai Chi in the parks of Peking. Caber tossing in Scotland. Climbing the steps of Aztec temples and Egyptian pyramids (if you care to bribe the authorities).

       No one is saying you can’t return to a regular 90 minutes on the weight, 30 minutes of aquajogging, and 17.5 minutes of stretching – just seize what is available to you on the road.




       没有人说你不能从常规的90分钟的负重,30分钟的慢跑和17.5分钟的拉伸练习中恢复过来 ——你只要抓住你乘车旅行中可用的机会就好了。

       5. Stay Away From McDonalds


       Bottom line

       Keep track of your pace while on the road. For anyone who lives an active lifestyle, traveling for long periods of time isn’t always ideal.

       Once you’ve had a taste of what it means to be in shape and reach your physical peak – strength, high metabolism, stamina, speed, agility - you start to wonder how you could have lived any other way.





       Beijing is a city with a very long history. Grand palace exemplifies, layout, regulation, richly luxurious elegant buildings, there are many rare relics collection, is our country ancient architecture and culture, the essence of art."The man", not to Beijing Great Wall, like to swim, Shanghai not god is unthinkable. So far, including Nixon, Margaret thatcher, more than 300 people had boarded the world famous badaling in here, you can miss shanhe thorn?Beijing has too many sites to discovery, go for a walk。

       长城 The Great Wall

       故宫 The Palace Museum(TheForbidden City)

       人民大会堂 Great Hall of the people

       颐和园 The Summer Palace

       香山 The Fragrant Hill

       天安门广场 Tian An Men Square

       人民英雄纪念碑 Monument to the People's heroes

       毛主席纪念堂 The Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao

       天坛 The Temple of Heaven

       雍和宫 Lama Temple

       亚运村 Asian Games Village

       圆明园 Garden of Gardens

       民族文化宫 The Nationalities Cultural Palace

       十三陵 The Ming Tombs

       首都体育馆 The Capital Gymnasium

       中国人民历史博物馆 Museum of Chinese History and the Chinese Revolution

       中国人民歌名军事博物馆 Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution

       农业展览馆 The Agriculture Exhibition Hall

       中国美术馆 The Chinese Art Gallery

       卢沟桥 Marco Polo Bridge(Lugou bridge)

       中华世纪坛 China Millennium Monument

       紫檀博物馆 China red sandalwood museum




       Gulangyu is a small island of Xiamen. It’s like a garden on the water. Cars and buses are not allowed to drive there,which makes the island so quiet that music played on the piano and violin can be heard.


       Here the sky and the sea clearly meet on the horizon. When standing at the top of the Sunshine Rock,you can see much of the landscape of Xiamen,and when standing at its foot,you can gaze at the beautiful garden that surrounds it.


       Gulangyu produces bananas,coconuts,sugar cane and so on. The people here,warm,simple and hardworking,are making every effort to make the island more beautiful and they hope to welcome more visitors in the future.


       Such is Gulangyu,a beautiful and inviting island,where a warm welcome awaits




       adj. 风景优美的;舞台的;戏剧的

       n. 风景胜地;风景照片


       This is an extremely scenic part of America.



       n. 旅行者,观光客

       adj. 旅游的

       vt. 在旅行参观

       vi. 旅游;观光

       adv. 坐旅游车厢;坐经济舱






        China's Great Wall is the greatest building project in human history of civilization.


       It was built in Spring and Autumn period ,Warring states times, two thousand years _go.


       After the Qin state unified China. The chinese people connected the Great wall of various states.


       Two generations of wise people have constructed The Great Wall intensively. _ast its project. It looks like rainbow rolling forward. It was possible to be called _orld miracle.

       聪明的两代人曾经密集地建造长城,扩展了它的工程. 它看起来象彩虹,滚滚向前. 它有可能被称作世界奇迹。

       It is the must for chinese people. When you repair Great Wall's _uins in offical _ays.

       You will not only could witness Great Wall's apparance that meandered in the hills and high moutains , but could also understand the chinese nation creation history , _reat wisdom and courage of chinese people. In December 1987, Great Wall was included in ‘’World heritage Name list‘’.

       它是中国必须付出的代价,当你在正式的场合下,在废墟中修建长城,你不仅会见证它在高山和峻岭中婉延曲折的情景, 也会了解中华民族的创造历史以及中国人的勇气和智慧,在1987年12月,长城被归录在‘’世界遗产名录"中。



       Baita mountain park is located on the north bank of the Yellow River in lanzhou city.


       The white pagoda was originally built in memory of a Tibetan sakya lama who went to Mongolia to meet genghis khan and died in lanzhou.



       Bapanxia tourism resort is located in lanzhou city, the most western end of the Yellow River upstream bapanxia reservoir, the water is vast.


       The confluence of Yellow River and huangshui river is suitable for water sports and recreation.



       Turugou forest park is located in liancheng forest, yongdeng county, 160 kilometers northwest of lanzhou city.


       Qilian mountains belong to the east foot, is a strange mountain xiushui as the main natural landscape tourism area.

       (属祁连山脉的东麓, 是一以奇山秀水为主体的自然景观旅游区。)

       Known as the "mythical green valley."



       Xinglong mountain park is located five kilometers southwest of lanzhou yuzhong county, 60 kilometers away from lanzhou.


       There are more than 70 pavilions, pavilions and temples, and 24 scenic spots.



       The memorial hall of the eighth route army office was approved as a provincial cultural relic protection unit in 1963.


       In 1978, the memorial hall of lanzhou eighth route army office was built at the old site of no. 2 huzhu lane.


       It was officially opened in January 1981.






       Imperial Palace, Italy for past imperial palace, was Forbidden City which the past people often said that located at Beijing town center. the Imperial Palace completed the bright Yunglo 18 years in (in 1420), occupied a land area of 720,000 square meters, the floor space 160,000 square meters, had the palace to construct more than 9000, was Chinese and even the world extant most greatly most complete ancient times palace architectural complex.

       有关青岛旅游景点的英文介绍~~ 急啊急。。




       Xuejiadao tourist resort is a provincial tourist resort approved by the people's Government of Shandong Province in November 1995. It is located in Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone. With a planning area of 9.8 square kilometers, the resort is a long and narrow peninsula with a coastline of 54 kilometers. The northeast is a mountainous area, the central part is a plain, and the southwest part is a hilly area. Like a phoenix flying, it lies on the shore of the Yellow Sea.

       Xuejiadao tourist resort is also one of the twelve provincial tourist resorts in Shandong Province. "Sunrise of Huang'an", "ancient temple of Chaohai", "Xiaozhong of Shangquan", "snow wave of Yuzui", "sea singing of stone sparrow", "Phoenix playing pearl", "sunset of Zhimen" and "scenery of Phoenix Mountain" add attractive charm to Xuejia island.



       Qingdao polar ocean world is located at No.60 Donghai East Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province. It is a large-scale ocean world complex integrating leisure, entertainment, shopping and culture. It was completed in July 2006. The first phase of the core project polar ocean animal exhibition and Performance Hall, Ocean Expo and popular science exhibition hall are now national AAAA tourist attractions.



       主要分为石 门寺景区、珠山秀谷景区。景区自然景观和人文景观荟萃,旅游资源丰富,先后被评为青岛市森林公园、山东省农业旅游示范点、全国农业旅游示范点、国家AAAA级旅游景区。

       DAZHUSHAN scenic area is located in the southeast coast of Huangdao District, Qingdao, with 486 meters of the main peak, Dazhai top, and a total area of 65 square kilometers.

       It is mainly divided into Shimen Temple scenic area and Zhushan xiugu scenic area. The scenic spot is rich in natural and cultural landscapes and tourism resources. It has been successively rated as Qingdao Forest Park, Shandong Agricultural tourism demonstration point, national agricultural tourism demonstration point and national AAAA level tourist attraction.



       青岛是国家历史文化名城、重点历史风貌保护城市、首批中国优秀旅游城市。国家重点文物保护单位34处。国家级风景名胜区有崂山风景名胜区、青岛海滨风景区。山东省近300处优秀历史建筑中,青岛占131处。青岛历史风貌保护区内有重点名人故居85处,已列入保护目录26处。 国家级自然保护区1处:即墨马山石林。